Boavista Exclusive Tour

Tradition, Nature and Rural life!

BoaVista Exclusive

If you are looking for the best way to get to know the highlights of the North and East of the island in only one day, then this might be the one for you. On this tour you’ll have the chance to visit the first inhabited village of the island (now abandoned), swim on the beautiful beach of Ervatão which is a turtle spawning beach (seasonal) for our very own loggerhead turtles, and visit the villages in the north of the island where you’ll have lunch and have the chance to get to know a bit more about our culture, history and also how we produce our vegetables on this dry island at a local eco farm! We will start off-road, heading to our first stop Fonte Vicente (translated it means Vicente’s Fountain), and as the name suggests it was a natural water source. Currently there is only one resident there, who is a shepherd; raising goats, chickens and cows! There we find one of the five African trees: the Baobab tree, which locally the fruit is used to make the traditional Pontche (alcoholic beverage of Cape Verde). In season you can also taste almonds directly from the almond tree! Our next destination will be Curral Velho a place that was very important in the past and now has been almost forgotten. Curral Velho prevailed in the past due to the affluence of fish and its big salt fields. Yu can still see the remnants of the salt flats however due to its location, pirate attacks and difficult access it was abandoned making it an interesting eerie sight! From there you can see the Islet of Curral Velho which is home of many kind of Birds including the famous Fragata bird also known as Rabil, that only exists here in Cape Verde! Afterwards we will head off road João Barrosa, one of our famous turtle beaches. Boa Vista is visited every year from July till October by approximately 10,000 Loggerhead turtles coming here in the evenings to nest! Here you can take in the long stretch of white sandy beach and learn a little about the species and turtle conservation here in Cape Verde. Joao Barrosa and Ervatão are the two most untouched beaches meaning they are not only enjoyed by turtles, they are spectacular for swimming too, due to the crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, and that’s exactly what we will do on the second beach, so get your swim suit ready! After around 40 minutes relaxing on the beach you will be ready to taste our fantastic cuisine, so we head North to the villages of Cabeça dos Tarafes, Fundo das Figueiras and Joao Galego. They are surrounded by "luxuriant" vegetation by local standards, which is why the locals call them “the green villages“ because it is the only place where we can produce our fruit and vegetables! Arriving at lunchtime in Fundo das Figueiras there‘s nothing better than a good barbecue where you can choose from fish or meat inside a traditional restaurant located in a small farm. Bon Appetite! Following lunch is a nice walk through the village, passing by the colourful houses and making a visit to the local church (to relieve your sins!) and then on to a Traditional Eco-Farm, so you can meet the animals and understand the process of sustainable farming even when we don’t have rain!

  • Duration of the tour is about 6.5 hours
  • Service includes:

  • Transfer from/to the hotel
  • Lunch (fish or meat), Agriculture Knowledges, Loggerhead turtle Information, Swimming
  • Local Guide
  • Price per person 65€
  • Children 4 – 11 years 35 €
  • Children up to 3 years old Free
Our Offers for you:
Pack 2 -Boavista Kriolo trip + Boavista Exclusive Discount 15%
  • 111€ per Adult(usually 130€)
  • 60€ per Child(usually 70€)
  • From Riu Touareg 121€ per Adult / 65€ per Child
Pack 3 -Boavista Exclusive + Fishing Discount 15%
  • 94€ per Adult(usually 110€)
  • 68€ per Child(usually 80€)
  • From Riu Touareg 104€ per Adult / 78€ per Child
Pack 4 -Boavista Exclusive + Boavista Coral Trip Discount 15%
  • 107€ per Adult(usually 125€)
  • 55€ per Child(usually 65€)
  • From Riu Touareg 117€ per Adult / 65€ per Child

Children up to 3 years old Free