Quad Biking Adventure

An experience like no other!


Boa Vista is known for some as "The Fantastic Island", and to others as “Paradise” as it offers unimaginable landscapes! The most popular and exhilarating way to explore this mini paradise is by Quad Bike. Come to see this magnificent island in a different way enjoying the views and the mother nature… When visitors realize that they just arrived on an island with 55 kilometers of white sandy beaches, long deserts with sand dunes sculpted with sand from the Sahara and extensive lands that never end, many only have one idea in mind:

Service includes:

  • Transfer from/to the hotel
  • Local Guides
  • Load of fun, dust and Adrenaline
  • Swimming, tanning


  • For 2 hours trip Shipwreck - 70 per single Quad - 80 per Double Quad
  • For 4 hours trip South - 85 per single Quad - 100 per Double Quad
  • From Touareg 10 € extra
  • PS:Drive License requested
  • Children from 7 years old (Cape Verdean law)